Ensure that your new TV set or set-top box is HD ready

Published 28.11.2013

In the years to come, there will be a gradual shift to new DVB-T2 technology in terrestrial TV broadcasting. The new technology will enable high-definition or HD transmissions and provide more TV channels. The sign 'Antenna Ready HD' ensures that you have bought a TV set or set-top box that enables the reception of all transmissions in the future.

Broadcasts using the current technology will continue, but today's TV sets are not equipped to receive all programs in the years to come. DNA's antenna television network is already now using the new DVB-T2 technology. A VHF-antenna directed to DNA's transmitter is needed for receiving DNA's transmissions whereas a UHF-antenna is necessary for the reception of programs in Digita's terrestrial television network.

If your TV set has the sign 'Antenna Ready HD' and a card reader, you will be able to receive all programs broadcasted in the terrestrial network as both standard and HD quality. If you also wish to watch pay-TV, the device must be equipped with a card reader adapted to the pay-TV operator's programme card.

Respectively, if the digital set-top box has the sign "Antenna Ready HD" and a card reader, you can watch high-definition programs as long as you connect your digital set-top box to a TV set marked by "HD Ready" or "Antenna Ready HD".

Cable television broadcasts will not be affected by the envisaged technology transition. In the cable television network, a TV set or digital set-top box with a 'Cable Ready HD' sign is, however, needed for watching HD programs. Depending on the program, a card reader and the cable TV operator's programme card will also be needed.

More information on the distribution and reception of TV programs.

For more information on antenna TV programs, visit the operators' websites.

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