Disruptions in Sonera's network on 10 Dec. repaired

Published 11.12.2013

On 10 December, disturbances affecting several mobile data and fixed network services were detected in Sonera's communications networks. The disturbances were, however, repaired during the evening.

Problems in mobile data connections (GPRS, 3G, 4G) were detected since 9am. till 7pm.

In the afternoon, since half past noon, problems were detected in mobile voice connections resulting in the misplacement of certain calls between Sonera's and Elisa's networks. The situation was clear by about 3pm.

Problems were also detected in land-line telephone connections allover Finland in the afternoon. The disturbances were repaired by about 7.30pm.

Sonera's press releases on the disturbances (in Finnish)

FICORA's news release of 10 Dec. on Sonera's network disruptions

Further information:

CERT-FI duty officer, cert@ficora.fi

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