CERT-FI information security review 3/2013 published

Published 13.11.2013

The third quarter, July to September, was somewhat quieter for FICORA's incident management than the previous one. The Finnish holiday season took place during the quarter and there were no big storms that affected the communications connections.

Even during this quarter, the majority of the contacts made to CERT-FI concerned malware. A total of 15 information security notifications were reported to FICORA. Most of them were related to denial-of-service attacks whereas during the previous quarter, the majority of the notifications dealt with data break-ins.

The review also presents the wave of denial-of-service attacks against MTV3'sKatsomo service and FICORA's Cert.fi website. A Finnish data break-in series that roused media interest will be presented as a new phenomenon in the review. The review will also bring up the subject of data break-ins as being part of modern intelligence activities.

The English version of the review will be published shortly.

The Finnish version

Key words: Information security , CERT-FI , News

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