Intensified inspections of radio licences for pleasure crafts carried out this weekend

Published 17.07.2013
This weekend, FICORA carries out intensified inspections of radio licences and certificates of proficiency for pleasure crafts in water areas in cooperation with the Boat Police and the Finnish Border Guard.

The possession and use of a radio transmitter, for example a maritime VHF telephone or radar, on board requires a radio licence. Furthermore, a person using a maritime VHF telephone must have a personal certificate of maritime radiocommunication.

The radio licence and the certificate must be shown to a representative from authorities on request.

The most important means of communication for boaters in waters is a maritime VHF radiophone. The importance of the device becomes vital in situations related to security. A maritime VHF radiophone enables communication between a boat and maritime rescues services or another boat even when mobile phones have no reception.

Information about radio licences and examinations in boating

Further information:
Kari Seppänen, Radio Inspection Specialist, tel. +358 295 390 462

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