TV channel Nelonen's programme AnkkaRäp contained surreptitious advertising

Published 12.06.2013
In FICORA's view, the prohibition of surreptitious advertising has been infringed in the AnkkaRäp TV series. FICORA has reprimanded Sanoma Entertainment Finland Oy for surreptitious advertising and imperfect manner of announcing sponsorship and product placement.

AnkkaRäp is a TV series shown in the autumn of 2012 where children compete by writing and singing rap songs. The programme is sponsored by Sanoma Magazines Finland Oy and Valio Oy whose products are placed in the programme.

In addition to the rap contest, the episodes examined by FICORA contained sections where Finnish celebrities told about their relationship with the Aku Ankka (Donald Duck) magazine in a positive tone. FICORA considered the interviews as surreptitious advertising. Also the overlay advertising found in one episode was regarded as surreptitious advertising. FICORA's decision is based on the provisions of the Act on Television and Radio Operations concerning the prohibition of surreptitious advertising. In this connection, Sanoma Entertainment Finland Oy has appealed to the Helsinki Administrative Court.

The decision also contained a reprimand for Sanoma Entertainment Finland for not having announced sponsorship and product placement in episodes shown in their video-on-demand service Ruutu as required by law.

FICORA's decision (in Finnish)

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