FICORA to investigate how intelligence activities affect information security of Finnish communications services

Published 11.06.2013
The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) will investigate whether the United States intelligence service activities have impacted the information security of communications services provided by Finnish telecoms operators. The matter was recently brought up by the media.

FICORA will request telecoms operators to deliver information on the share of foreign partners used in the provision of communications services to Finns. In addition, FICORA will examine how telecoms operators have ensured that information security is not compromised if the service is provided together with a partner, and how intelligence activities may affect the security of the service.

The objective of the request for clarification is to form a general picture of the potential impacts of intelligence activities on confidentiality in Finnish communications. The request will be sent to Finnish telecoms operators and the deadline for answers is at end of June. Based on the replies, FICORA will decide whether there is need for further measures.

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Ministry of Transport and Communications: Internationally binding rules for data protection

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