Bill itemisation may contain data in need of protection

Published 20.05.2013
The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) has issued an opinion according to which the same principles should be applied to the protection of bill itemisation data while it is being transferred and handled as are applied to the protection of personal data related to payments transfers.

FICORA has received a request for investigation on whether service provider data on bill itemisations should be regarded as telecoms identification data. The request is related to the amendment to section 24 of the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications and section 80 of the Communications Market Act which enters into force on 1 June 2013.

According to the opinion, the name information of a service provider cannot be regarded as identification data. However, the handling of bill itemisation may contain such data whose protection may be compared to the protection of personal data related to payment transfers.

It is not advisable to handle classified personal data or personal data of delicate nature via unencrypted e-mail. It is also recommended that the sending of personal IDs is avoided via unencrypted e-mail.

FICORA opinion on identification data in bill itemisation (in Finnish) [PDF, 121 KB]

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