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Published 07.02.2012

The national Safer Internet Week will be held this week and tomorrow, Tuesday 7 February 2012, is the ninth Safer Internet Day. This year, the theme of the week is “Connecting Generations”. It highlights the importance of interaction between children and adults in improving children’s online safety. In addition, the theme reminds us that also parents, teachers and grandparents can learn from the children and the young about internet usage.

Learning together

Using the internet safely requires various skills from children, the young as well as their parents. Although the young often rise above their parents in technical skills and staying on top of trends, the experience of life of the older generations is an asset also in the internet. For this reason, it is important that parents, grandparents, teachers and other close adults also pay attention to what children do online.

Life online is not a separate island in the life of children or the young but a part of it. Families should agree on rules for using the internet and teach the children to use common sense when surfing online. For example, parents are advised to take up with their children the issue of how their children should interact with other people online, as well as when they can publish personal information online and which personal information can be published online.

Adults can also learn a lot from children and the young about the technology and the latest phenomena. The adults' ability to support their children's citizen skills in the internet era will increase as they know more about what the children and the young do online. Adults can also learn safety from children.

What are children up to online?

During the Safer Internet Week, we encourage all parents, grandparents and teachers to ask children and the young: What are children up to online? A discussion on online safety at home and at schools supports the necessary media skills of children and the young.

Safer Internet Day in Europe

Led by the joint Insafe cooperation network of the EU, also other European countries organise their own Internet education events for children, the young and adults. In Finland, the Safer Internet Day has been arranged since 2003, and the project has been a part of the Insafe network since 2007.

The Safer Internet Day is held each year in February, and its goal is to promote safe and smart use of the Internet. During the Safer Internet Week, various events related to the theme are organised all over Finland especially in schools. Further information: and

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