Next generation access technology speeds up internet connections and broadens usage

Published 14.12.2012

As it was the case last year, nearly 90% of Finnish households have an internet connection. A quarter of these had a connection speed of at least 24 Mbit/s. The take-up of new access technologies, for example those using optical fibre, has increased the number of high-speed internet connections in Finnish households. The availability of high-speed internet connections is much broader, but users have not yet found the benefits and better services they provide. It is probable that the demand for high-speed internet connections will increase significantly in the years to come.

Internet users benefit from the growing data transfer speeds. Consumers, who have acquired a broadband connection with a data transfer speed of at least 24 Mbit/s, are more active in using the connection for watching television and videos, remote work, listening to music, playing computer or console games and recording material online.

The information is based on FICORA's most recent market review on internet connections in Finnish households and a consumer survey of communications services with a broader view on the use of communications services.

Market Review 8/2012 (in Finnish) [PDF, 558 KB]
Survey of the Use of Communications Services 2012 (in Finnish) [PDF, 355 KB]

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