FICORA amends proposals regulating the wholesale broadband market at the Commission's request

Published 02.11.2012

FICORA is amending the obligations in the wholesale broadband markets proposed to operators with significant market power (SMP), because the European Commission is of the opinion that the obligations FICORA has proposed to telecoms operators are insufficient. In the spring, FICORA conducted a national consultation for the sectoral players and the European Commission on the market analyses and draft decisions it had drafted. The Commission issued a recommendation on the obligations on 18 October 2012.

Price-cap regulation for the pricing of fibre-optic and metallic local loops

Based on the opinions it has received and the Commission recommendation, FICORA has amended its regulatory propositions. As a result, the eight most relevant SMP operators with respect to the Finnish wholesale markets will be imposed an obligation to comply with the price caps determined by FICORA in the pricing of fibre-optic local loops.

These SMP operators must apply the price caps even in the pricing of metallic local loops, as suggested in the draft decisions in the spring of 2012. The price caps for both fibre-optic and metallic local loops will be set later in separate decisions.

A consultation on price caps will be conducted for telecoms operators by 31 December 2013.

Delivery terms and prices of wholesale broadband services under 8 Mbit/s must be made public

FICORA has also amended its draft decision in the market for wholesale broadband services so that an obligation to publish delivery terms and tariff information will be imposed on wholesale broadband services with a connection speed under 8 Mbit/s. The draft decisions concern 27 SMP operators in the wholesale market for broadband services.

FICORA is currently consulting stakeholders on the amended regulatory propositions and will issue final decisions as soon as possible after the consulation.

Reguest for comments (in Finnish) [PDF, 55 KB]

Undertaking-specific draft decisions (in Finnish)

Further information:

Sanna Hughes, Legal Counsel, tel. +3589 6966 870 or +35840 0440 903
Jukka-Pekka Juutinen, Communications Market Specialist, tel. +3589 6966 433 or +35840 359 1091
Marja Lehtimäki, Head of the Unit tel. +358 9 6966 857 or +358 50 320 5181

According to FICORA, the eight most relevant SMP operators with regard to the wholesale market for network infrastructure access at a fixed location are: AinaCom Oy, Anvia Oyj, DNA Oy, Elisa Oyj, KYMP Oy, PPO-Yhtiöt Oy, SSP-Yhtiöt Oy and TeliaSonera Finland Oyj.

A local loop means a part of a telecommunications network used for providing voice and broadband subscriptions to end-customers. Functionality in the wholesale broadband market allows telecoms operators to provide broadband and voice services to end-customers in market areas where the operator does not own local loops. According to the Finnish Communications Market Act, FICORA must, at regular intervals, define and analyse the relevant communications markets, declare a telecommunications operator to be an operator with significant market power (SMP) and impose the necessary obligations on them in order to promote healthy competition. The market for wholesale network infrastructure access at a fixed location and the wholesale broadband access market are relevant among the wholesale markets subject to ex ante regulation, and FICORA monitors the competitive situation regularly in these markets.

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