Online clips attract net users in all age categories

Published 26.10.2012

Slightly less than 80% of all Finnish net users watch audiovisual (AV) content online, that is to say moving image and sound. Short video clips are the most popular content online, but 55% of net users watch content similar to TV programmes online.

It is much more common among the younger than the older age groups to watch AV content online. However, as many as two out of three net users in the age group of over 65 years watches some sort of AV content online. Slightly less than half of this age group watches content similar to TV programmes. It is clearly most common to watch online content on one's computer.

However, watching television real-time is the most popular way of watching. About 80% of net users watch television. Watching television is almost as common in all age groups.

Fast increase of IPTV subscribers

In addition to watching online content, broadband connection may be used for the reception of TV transmissions using IPTV technology. For consumers, IPTV is an alternative way of receiving TV transmissions for antenna and cable TV reception. In mid-2012, the number of IPTV subscriptions totalled 226,000 in Finland.

It is still rather rare to buy AV content and watch bought content via the internet, because only 14% of people watching AV content online have made such orders. It is most common to buy individual movies or sports events. Men in the age group of 25 to 44 most commonly buy AV content.

FICORA market review 7/2012 discusses the ways Finns watch audiovisual content or TV programmes, videos and similar content consisting of moving image and sound. The information of the review is based on operator reported data and a consumer survey on Audiovisual content services commissioned by FICORA. The survey was carried out by TNS Gallup Oy, which interviewed Finnish users of the internet in the age group of 15 to 74.

FICORA market review 7/2012 (in Finnish) [PDF, 536 KB]

Consumer survey on audiovisual content services 2012 (in Finnish) [PDF, 311 KB]

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