Decisions on future use of radio frequencies to be made in Geneva

Published 23.01.2012

Decisions on the future global use of radio frequencies will be made at ITU's (International Telecommunication Union) World Radiocommunication Conference, WRC-2012. The set of frequency matters to be discussed are related to aeronautical, maritime, satellite services and mobile communications. The conference will be held in Geneva during 23 January and 17 February, 2012.

Wireless broadband needs more frequencies

Finland's most significant objective is to promote the inclusion of allocation of additional frequencies for future, wireless broadband networks on the agenda of the WRC-2015. Future mobile phones and other wireless devices require higher data transfer rates for the purpose of transmitting high-quality, mobile picture, for example. If an agreement was made on the additional use of frequencies in broadband network in 2015, the frequencies could be introduced in the 2020's.

The frequency band 800 MHz allocated for the use of wireless broadband networks will also be discussed at the conference. The objective is to outline global coordination on the technical terms, which have already been taken into consideration in the bi-lateral agreement between Finland and Russia regulating the use of frequencies in the band 800 MHz in border districts. The most important matter to be discussed globally is to determine the coordination distances between the radionavigation service and mobile networks.

Positioning applications will be an important part of wireless communications, monitoring and telecommunications technology in the future. At the conference, the goal is to assign additional frequencies for radionavigation-satellite systems in the frequency band 2483-2500 MHz. The European Galileo system could exploit it for the purpose of providing new services.

Cognitive radio networks enable entirely new types of radio networks, and new ways of using frequencies and applications. However, the Radio Assembly reached an agreement on the technical measures and measures related to the introduction of the cognitive radio. The meeting was held before the WRC-2012 and the matter may not have to be reconsidered.

Finnish delegate at the conference

The Finnish delegate at the Radio Conference is led by Mr Juhapekka Ristola, Director-General at the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and Ms Kirsi Karlamaa, Director at the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority. The Finnish delegate also consists of representatives from the Finnish Defence Forces, the Finnish Broadcasting Company and Digita.

Informing of the results of the conference

FICORA will issue press releases and place updated information on the progress of the conference on its websites.

Further information:

Kirsi Karlamaa, Director, tel. +358 40 823 2121.
Kaisa Laitinen, Ministerial Adviser, tel. +358 40 772 7643.

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