Refund of excess TV fee payments begins - no major changes to TV fee volumes

Published 08.10.2012

Since early October, FICORA started refunding TV fee clients who have paid more than they should have. This concerns clients who pay their TV fee every twelve months and partly those who pay their TV fee every six months, and who received bills before the 5th of July, which is why their payment covered part of the beginning of 2013. Not until the new Act was passed at the Parliament in late June was FICORA able to change the billing period to terminate at the end of this year.

FICORA has started refunding excess TV fees to direct debit clients as of the beginning of October. The refunds will be paid to direct debit clients into their bank accounts found at FICORA's TV fee register. A letter will be sent to inform clients of the refund. FICORA will approach other clients by letter to request for their bank account numbers in November. Excess TV fee payments will be refunded to these clients from the end of this year until next spring.

Refunds to 260,000 clients - work done in stages

About 260,000 clients will be refunded, which is about 14% of the total number of TV fees. Due to the large number of refunded payments, the work must be performed in stages. From the beginning of next year, FICORA will not only continue to refund payments but collect debts.

No major changes to TV fee volumes

The number of valid TV fees totaled 1, 864, 279 at the end of September 2012. The volume has dropped by 18, 040 from the end of 2011. Currently, the number of paying clients is almost 1% less than at the end of 2011. Television fee inspections are still performed. The average number people caught for not paying the television fee is 20,000 on an annual basis, and the volume has been the same this year.

The obligation to pay the TV fee continues until the end of 2012

The obligation to pay the TV fee and inspections continue normally until the end of 2012. Any television sets to be taken into use before the end of the year must be notified to FICORA.

As of 1 January 2013, the operations of the Finnish Broadcasting Company will be financed by a new public service broadcasting tax collected by the Tax Administration. For more information on the public service broadcasting tax, go to the Tax Administration's website at

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