Nordic telecoms comparison: Number of VoIP subscriptions remains low in Finland

Published 04.07.2012
Unlike in other Nordic countries, the use of VoIP subscriptions or telephone calls routed over the internet has not gained popularity in Finland. The number of VoIP subscriptions has never exceeded 50,000 in Finland and now their number is further decreasing. For example, in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, there were at least 10 VoIP subscriptions per 100 citizens at the end of 2011.

'One reason for why Finns are not keen users of the VoIP is that the use of mobile phones has been much more popular in Finland than in other Nordic countries. Unlike in many other European countries, Finnish operators do not offer VoIP subscriptions as part of broadband packages. The majority of Finnish households have replaced their land-line telephones by mobile phones, and hardly anyone is willing to buy a new fixed-line telephone subscription routed via fixed broadband,' Mr Jukka-Pekka Juutinen, Communications Market Specialist at FICORA, estimates.

Measured by almost any indicator, Finland is the leading Nordic country in the use of mobile communications services. However, Finland is not among the top countries in the use of text and multimedia messages and data volume transferred over mobile networks. Finland follows Sweden's first place in data volume transferred over mobile networks, but when it comes to the sending of text and multimedia messages, Finland is placed last with Iceland. As an opposite to the use of mobile communications services, Finland holds the last position out of all Nordic countries in the use of fixed-line services and especially in the use of fast broadband connections.

'The traces of the increase in the use of data transfer services in mobile networks are particularly visible in Finland out of all Nordic countries. In Finland, the use of data transfer services in mobile networks has contributed to the clear fall in the fixed-line broadband subscription volume since 2008. However, the number of fixed broadband subscriptions is on the rise after a few years' fall. In other Nordic countries, the number of fixed-line broadband subscriptions has mainly risen all the time,' Juutinen states.

Background of the Nordic telecoms comparison

The information is presented in the Nordic statistical publication called Telecommunication Markets in the Nordic Countries. The joint press release and the publication are available for reading in English online on FICORA's website.

The publication is also available at the Swedish telecoms regulator's (PTS) statistical.

Telecommunication Markets in the Nordic Countries is a joint publication of FICORA and other Nordic telecoms regulators. The information in the publication is based on a database which is jointly maintained by regulatory authorities. The information is from the databases of regulatory authorities and statistics of national Statistics Centres.

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