Record number of text messages at year-end

Published 30.03.2012

In the second half of 2011, the number of mobile subscriptions continued to grow, although much slower than during the first half of the year. Instead, the number of pay-monthly data transmission subscriptions in the mobile network and unexpectedly, the number of text and multimedia messages sent continued to grow clearly. As many as 40% of mobile subscriptions had a pay-monthly data transmission service.

Broadband subscriptions gained popularity in fixed and mobile networks

The number of fixed broadband subscriptions continued to increase in the second half-year by more than 30,000, even though the number of pay-monthly mobile data transmission subscriptions grew by about 570,000 during the same time period. It seems that mobile data transmission subscriptions and agreements are used more and more as a complementary data transmission subscription alongside fixed broadband subscriptions.

A record number of text and multimedia messages were sent. After a moderate increase at the beginning of the year, the number of text and multimedia messages sent accelerated by 10% from July to December. The figures contain the messages sent by both consumers and companies. There is no evidence that the strong popularity of data transmission services would put an end to the use of the more traditional mobile services.

FICORA market reviews in 2012

In the future, FICORA will publish up-to-date market information more frequently. A market review of broadband and telephone services will be published twice a year. The focus will be on the changes that have taken place in the number of subscriptions or usage over the half-year period. These reviews are based on the data FICORA collects from telecom operators. In addition, FICORA will publish a comprehensive annual review and several theme-specific reviews related to the changes occurring in the TV, radio and postal markets, as well. The annual review 2011 will be published in April-May.

FICORA market review 2/2012 (in Finnish)
[PDF, 586 KB]

The market review will be published in English week 14.

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