First state aid paid to Karvia's broadband infrastructure project

Published 08.02.2012
The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) has paid the first state aids for the purpose of building ultra-high speed broadband infrastructure in sparsely-populated areas. Receiving the first aid is Suupohjan Seutuverkko Oy. The aid will be used for the building costs of the optic-fibre network covering the municipality of Karvia in Western Finland. The aid totalled 334,824 euros. The municipality of Karvia paid a sum equalling the state aid for the project.

The Karvia broadband project has been planned in cooperation with the municipality of Karvia, the Regional Council of Satakunta and the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

Top-speed broadband connections in sparsely-populated areas as a goal

The objective of the project aiming at the building of broadband connections of 100 Mbit/s is to enable the availability of top-speed broadband connections in sparsely-populated areas by the end of 2015. The purpose of the state aid is to ensure that the objective of the project will be met. The state, municipalities, and the EU cover 66 per cent of the building costs that are eligible for aid. The rest of the financing comes from the telecom operators that build the network. They will also be the future owners of the network. The total sum of the state aid is 130 million euros, of which 66 million is at FICORA's disposal.

FICORA distributes state aid for the broadband project and regional EDTEs are responsible for the granting of the EU funding.

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Further information:

Päivi Peltola-Ojala, Communications Market Specialist, FICORA, tel. +358 9 6966 732, +358 40 719 7039
Petri Makkonen, Head of the Unit, FICORA, tel. +358 9 6966 381, +358 50 430 0391

* Last December, the municipality of Karvia was rewarded by FICORA for the outstanding promotion of electronic communications. For more information, check FICORA's website.

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