Versatile access to postal services

Published 21.12.2012
Traditional postal services are gradually moving from their own service points to stores and kiosks. At the same time, new service methods, newcomers such as package machines and electronic mail boxes, are developed to satisfy customer needs.

New service methods offer consumers a more flexible way of accessing postal services, and help postal operators make their operations more effective. There is a demand for new service methods, because people frequent traditional service points less often, and the maintenance costs per customer increase.

The majority of Finns or 52% use services at a service point only a couple of times a year or less often. There are only less than 10% of those who use services at a service point at least once a week. Customers, who are the most active users of services at service points come outside big cities. The respondents experienced that there are hardly any hinders to using services at service points.

The main reason for consumers to use services at service point is the sending of letters and parcels, and receiving of parcels. The majority or 84% of consumers fetch parcels from service points. About 55% of consumers send letters via service points while 48% of consumers send parcels via service points. The sending and receiving of letters and parcels are services whose availability is ensured by FICORA by way of supervising the compliance with the Postal Act.

The information is based on the recent FICORA market review on postal services and a separate consumer survey, which delves into the use of postal services.

Market review 10/2012 [PDF, 531 KB] (the English translation will be published in January)

Survey on Users' Needs in the Postal Service Market (in Finnish) [PDF, 374 KB]

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