Consumers most satisfied with the transparency and accuracy of operators' invoicing

Published 22.10.2012
There is no major change in consumers' satisfaction regarding the quality of telecoms services (mobile and fixed telephone and mobile and fixed broadband) compared to 2011. The highest rates of client satisfaction were reported in the transparency and accuracy of invoicing. The expertise of the operator's customer service has also improved slightly in the consumers´ view. The information is based on the survey on the quality of telecommunications services commissioned by FICORA.

The consumers have been very faithful to their operators: nearly 90% of the clients of fixed-line subscriptions and nearly 50% of the clients of mobile telephone as well as fixed broadband subscriptions have been using the same operator for at least five years. The clients of mobile broadband have established their subscriptions more recently. However, over 50% of the subscription agreements are made for at least two years, which is why the clients of mobile broadband do not switch operators very often either.

More favourable price level reason to switch operators

The most significant reason for switching one's mobile or broadband operator was the lower price level offered by a competing operator. In case of mobile phone operators, the most common reason for clients to change operators is the competing operator's benefits. Clients have also changed operators because of repeatedly disconnected connections or lower connection speed than what the operator promised. Clients also wished that operators would reward them for long-term customer relationships.

In May 2012, FICORA commissioned a survey on the quality of telecommunications services whose aim was to examine the consumers' views on the significance of quality factors in services and how these factors are implemented. Furthermore, the survey analysed the reasons for switching operators among those consumers who had switched operators within the past six months. The survey was carried out by TNS Gallup Oy, which interviewed 2,005 Finns aged 15-79 living in continental Finland. The report is available in Finnish at

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