Check your own or your company's licence information

Published 23.08.2012
FICORA's online electronic services at allow you to view and check the details of your radio licences, passed maritime radio and radio amateur examinations and related invoices. The details are available even if you did not use the online service in the first place. It is also possible to terminate a licence via the service. For the time being, users may not make any other changes to valid licences. To view any information or terminate a licence, login is necessary.

Use your personal bank identifiers, electronic identity card, mobile certificate or Katso ID to log in. The Katso identification is offered to users by the Finnish Tax Administration. It is designed for corporate taxpayers to facilitate secure sign-in in order to start using electronically provided services. More information on Katso identification at

Follow these instructions:

1. Go to

2. Log in to the service at the page top by clicking "Personal" (using your personal bank identifiers, electronic identity card or mobile certificate) or "Business/association" (using Katso IDs).

3. Click the My events tab and you will see your licence or examination details.

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