FICORA to return TV fee payments for 2013

Published 12.07.2012 | Updated 26.07.2012
On 20 June 2012, the Finnish Parliament approved legislation on the new public service broadcasting tax. The obligation to pay a television fee will terminate at the end of the year. From its invoicing run on 5 July 2012 onwards, FICORA will alter all TV fee invoices to cover the period up to the end of the year only. However, invoices sent before then must be paid as per the invoice, even if the invoice reaches into 2013.

Payments covering part of 2013 will be reimbursed to customers. For this purpose, FICORA will send customers a letter asking them to provide it with their bank account numbers.

The obligation to notify FICORA still stands for people beginning to use a television set. New invoices will be drawn up to cover the period up to end of this year at the latest.

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