The Finnish Parliament approves legislation to change YLE's financing model - TV fee obligation continues until 31 December 2012

Published 21.06.2012
On 20 June 2012, the Finnish Parliament approved legislation on the new public service broadcasting tax, Yleisradio Oy and the State Television and Radio Fund. The Acts will still be ratified by the President of the Republic.

According to the Acts, as of 1 January 2013, the activities of the Finnish Broadcasting Company (Yleisradio, YLE) will be funded by an appropriation transferred from the state budget to the State Television and Radio Fund. The tax administration will collect a new public service broadcasting tax which covers the appropriation in the budget. The Finnish Tax Administration's website provides further information on the public service broadcasting tax at

How the Acts impact FICORA

The Acts mean reductions in FICORA's staff, because the current responsibilities related to the collection of TV fees will cease. FICORA's cooperation consultations were completed on 6 June 2012. They concerned 40 permanent employees within the current TV fee administration and 61 part-time television fee inspectors.

Obligation to pay the TV fee continues until 31 December 2012

The obligation to pay the television fee and inspections will continue as usual until the end of 2012. According to legislation, anyone who acquires a device for the purpose of watching television programmes during 2012, is obliged to submit a television notification to FICORA and pay the TV fee until the end of the year.

Further Information:

Ms Asta Sihvonen-Punkka, Director-General, tel. +358 50 573 9053
Mr Jorma Koivunmaa, Director of Administration, tel. +358 9 6966 407, +358 40 569 5569

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