FICORA's Communications Security Authority duties extended

Published 04.06.2012
The National Communications Security Authority NCSA-FI operating within the Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA) will receive new duties related to national communications security obligations as of 1 June 2012.

Due to the new legislative duties, FICORA's scope of responsibilities will extend from the corporate sector to the public administration. These new duties cover the assessment of authorities' information systems and telecommunications arrangements and the accreditation of inspection bodies related to information security. From now on, authorities within the public administration must have the information security of their information systems and telecommunications arrangements assessed only by FICORA or an inspection body accredited by it. At an authority's request, the assessment will be performed for an information system or a telecommunications system, which the authority already uses or is planning to buy. In addition, FICORA may, at the Ministry of Finance's request, examine the general level of information security of information systems or telecommunications arrangements used by authorities within the public administration.

The objective of the legislative amendment is to promote the information security of companies and authorities. The amendment will also enable the assessment of companies' information security under the supervision of authorities. FICORA monitors the enforcement of the decree on information security in the public administration.

Further information:

Rauli Paananen, Head of NCSA-FI, +358 40 565 9060

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