FICORA participates in an international cyber defence excercise

Published 30.03.2012
The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority participated, along with several other Finnish authorities representing the public administration, in the international CDX-12 Cyber Defence Exercise, conducted in Helsinki between 26 and 28 March, 2012. The exercise formed part of a larger international MNE7 exercise.

The cyber defence exercise aimed at the development of specialists’ expertise in protection methods against network attacks; the analysis of the technical and legal aspects of cyber security, and the boosting of situational awareness services in support of decision-making at both operational and political levels. A further aim of the exercise was to develop the technical infrastructure for situational awareness, as well as the training practices related to cyber security, both at national and international levels. The exercise was made particularly timely by the fact that Finland is preparing a national cyber security strategy, scheduled for completion in 2012.

Finland provided the situational awareness services for the exercise, Switzerland the technical infrastructure. The Finnish contribution to the exercise was managed by the Finnish Defence Forces, with the situation awareness centre being located in the FICORA premises. On Tuesday 27 March, high-level government executives including Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen, Minister of Housing and Communications Krista Kiuru and Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Defence Arto Räty were given an introduction to the exercise.

The aim of the exercise was to provide support for Multinational Experimentation (MNE), a multinational project aimed at developing research and experimentation related to security, as well as new security concepts and performance. Finland has participated in MNE since 2004.

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