FICORA's brochures and publications

Internet Everyone is entitled to 1 Mbps broadband [pdf, 222 KB] online version
DNSSec-brochur [pdf, 232 KB] online version
Telephone Everyone is entitled to a telephone subscription [pdf, 254 KB] online version 

Advice for improving mobile phone reception and mobile broadband quality [pdf, 84 KB] online version
Information security and data protection National Cyber Security Centre: Building trust [pdf, 201 KB] (in Finnish) online version (in Finnish)
VoIP information security tips for the protection of terminal devices [pdf, 657 KB] (in Finnish) online version (in Finnish)
Information security recommendations for maintaining VoIP systems [pdf, 576 KB] (in Finnish) online version (in Finnish)
Radio equipment and licences Buyer's guide for radio equipment [pdf, 572 KB](in Finnish) online version (in Finnish)
Radio communications handbook for coast navigation [pdf, 1 MB] (in Finnish) The price of the printed copy is EUR 15.

online version (in Finnish)

The price of the printed copy is EUR 15.

Guide for retailers and importers of radio and telecommunications terminal equipment [pdf, 360 KB](in Finnish) online version (in Finnish)
FICORA General brochure of FICORA [pdf, 1 MB]  online version

FICORA´s strategy 2020 [pdf, 1 MB] online version
FICORA´s operational environment report 2012-2016 [pdf, 1 MB] online version
National Cyber Security Centre's action plan 2014–2016 [pdf, 527 KB]

Annexes [pdf, 584 KB] (in Finnish)
online version

online version (in Finnish)
Ficora´s annual report 2015 [pdf, 791 KB] online version 
Ficora´s annual report 2014 [pdf, 613 KB] online version
Ficora´s annual report 2013 [pdf, 1 MB] online version

FICORA's brochures and publications are mainly available in electronic format. You can also order printed copies of some of the brochures and publications.

The printed copy of FICORA's Handbook of VHF radio communication for coastal navigators (Rannikkolaivurin VHF-radioliikenneopas, available in Finnish or Swedish) is subject to a fee but you can download it free of charge from FICORA's website.

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In addition, FICORA has produced an article for the National Audiovisual Institute's guide Children and Media.

Read the guide online

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Updated 04.10.2016

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