Telecommunications operators and the National Cyber Security Centre prevent malware together

Telecommunications operators and the National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI) at FICORA have together committed to promote the cleanliness of data networks by removing malware and factors causing malicious traffic. Each infected terminal device overloads the network and disturbs the network traffic, which causes disruptions to all users of networks and services.

The NCSC-FI's Autoreporter system is one way of obtaining information on malware detections. On the basis of this information, telecommunications operators can contact their customers in order for the customers to remove malware infections from their terminal devices.

If a customer of a telecommunications operator cannot be reached or the customer has not been able to remove the malware in any other way, the operator can temporarily restrict or block the customer's traffic in order to decrease the malicious traffic. Also, according to the Information Society Code, a telecommunications operator is obligated to ensure the information security of services and it has the right to undertake immediate measures when malware are detected. A clean network is an advantage to all users.

All network users are responsible for the cleanliness of their own terminal devices. The users detect and are able to remove the majority of malware by themselves by using anti-virus software. However, external guidance is sometimes necessary.

The aim of malware is always to gain benefit from the users of the network. By means of them, it is possible, for example, to collect user information that is exploited in frauds or to harness resources of several terminal devices for other malicious activities. Examples of information security threats caused by malware are online banking frauds, spamming and denial-of-service attacks.

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Updated 23.03.2015

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