National Communications Security Authority NCSA-FI

FICORA's NCSA-FI duties have been merged into the National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI). It specialises in information assurance matters related to the handling of classified information in electronic communications.

In Finland, several different authorities are responsible for our international obligations concerning information security. NCSA-FI operating within the National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI) is a part of the Finnish national security authority organisation.

Authorities responsible for information security

NCSA-FI's duties concerning international information security obligations:

  • preparation of guidance and agreements concerning national security activities;
  • preparation of guidance and agreements concerning national security activities;
  • preparation of guidance on the handling of international classified information;
  • management and accounting of the crypto material distribution network and guidance on the secure handling of the material (CDA);
  • approval of cryptographic products for protecting international classified information in Finland (CAA);
  • accreditation of information systems used for processing international classified information (SAA) (The accreditation process concerns government systems that are related to fulfilling international information security obligations and the systems of companies that participate in international competitive bidding and need accreditation from a National Communications Security Authority.);
  • co-ordination of and guidance on national TEMPEST activities (NTA).

FICORA also has several duties concerning national information security obligations:

  • steering and supervision of telecoms operators' information security management: for example, monitoring compliance with the information security regulation (M47);
  • steering and supervision of strong electronic identification and the provision of qualified certificates: for example, monitoring compliance with regulations M7 and M8 issued by FICORA and carrying out annual audits of certification authorities providing qualified certificates;
  • assessment of authorities' information systems and telecommunications arrangements;
  • accreditation of information security inspection bodies;
  • co-operation with national and international security stakeholders.

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E-mail: ncsa (at) ficora (dot) fi
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Updated 16.11.2017

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