Safe use of services

All Finnish citizens have the right to confidential electronic communications. Everyone using the internet should carefully consider which communication services to use and think about their security features. Messages that need to be protected can be encrypted when necessary.

The confidentiality of electronic communications means that no-one is allowed to process another person's messages or identification data associated with communications without a legal right or consent from a party to the communication.

Finnish providers of communications services, such as e-mail service provides, must maintain the information security of their services and the confidentiality of communications.

Finnish legislation protects the confidentiality of communications services provided by Finnish telecoms operators but it cannot ensure that the confidentiality of communications is maintained abroad. Not all countries have laws that ensure the same level of protection. The fact that a service is available in Finnish does not guarantee that the service is provided in Finland or that the processing of information complies with Finnish legislation.

You should also keep in mind that possible malware on your computer have access to all the data stored on the computer and to the contents of your network traffic. To block malware, always maintain the information security of your computer.

Determine – Assess – Protect

  • Remember that the Finnish legislation on communications services only protects the confidentiality of messages transmitted through Finnish communications services and information networks.
  • Determine what services you use and find out how they use the information you submit.
  • Assess your messages to determine which of them require protection.
  • Encrypt your messages when necessary.
  • Protect your wireless network, if you are using one.

Key words: Information security , Data protection

Updated 09.11.2017

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