Information security services of the NCSC-FI

The National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI) at FICORA has been in operation since 1 January 2014. CERT and NCSA duties are part of the NCSC-FI's information security services. To support its operations, the NCSC-FI also maintains nationwide situational awareness of cyber security.

The NCSC-FI is a national information security authority. It develops and monitors the operational reliability and security of communications networks and services.

Its CERT duties consist of preventing, detecting and resolving security breaches, as well as of informing of information security threats. The Centre's NCSA duties include the responsibility for security matters related to electronic transfer and processing of classified information.

The Centre's operations aim at ensuring that public communications networks and communications services are safe and interference-free, as well as securing critical societal functions. In accordance with the agreement entered with the National Emergency Supply Agency, the NCSC-FI is, for its part, responsible for ensuring the functionality of technical systems critical to the security of supply. The NCSC-FI wants to develop and diversify its information security services by means of e.g. development work and extensive partnership networks.

The English name National Cyber Security Centre Finland is intended for international use. In Finnish and Swedish, the Centre is called Kyberturvallisuuskeskus and Cybersäkerhetscentret respectively. The operational names CERT-FI and NCSA-FI are used in international stakeholder cooperation in accordance with established practice.

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Updated 27.03.2015

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