Personal PGP keys

All employees of FICORA have X.509 certificates issued by the Population Register Centre. NCSC-FI employees also use PGP keys for communication.

We recommend that you use our team keys instead for contacting us whenever possible.


The certificates may be used to send S/MIME protected email to the personal e-mail addresses of FICORA's employees and to check the integrity and the sender of e-mail sent from FICORA. Please avoid sending e-mail protected by S/MIME to the team e-mail addresses. The certificates are available in the certificate directory of the Population Register Centre. The certificates have been issued by either VRK CA for Qualified Certificates or VRK CA for Qualified Certificates - G2.

PGP keys

All NCSC-FI CERT-FI service's PGP keys are signed with the key signing key [txt, 2 KB] (CERT-FI Key Signing Key). The keys are mainly valid for 5 years.

Personal PGP keys

NAme key id fingerprint
Jesse Alho 0xD5D54C1C [txt, 5 KB] 727D 0610 59EC 8FD5 FD32
40DD 0739 38D7 D5D5 4C1C
MARI ARO 0x0AACA960 [txt, 4 KB] 9B89 EB05 D551 8026 FC78
D6C1 BFE8 7563 0AAC A960
juhani eronen 0x24638CCB [txt, 5 KB]10F7 7A28 A33F 32C2 274A
79D4 BE85 484B 2463 8CCB
PERTTU HALONEN 0xF82AEF0C [txt, 5 KB] 5765 DA2F 5B67 96CE FD74
73AD 4D67 7EA6 F82A EF0C
jarna hartikainen 0x7087F874 [txt, 5 KB] 68EA C205 CEFA 8BF4 4D66
0355 65E5 B66C 7087 F874
tomi hasu 0x05AEC32A [txt, 5 KB] E6B8 CF9E 15E6 D551 BBD5
C547 7922 451D 05AE C32A
kauto huopio 0x24B293B4 [txt, 5 KB] D9CC 5798 C3AE 87B6 0417
14B1 2F39 DB7A 24B2 93B4
tomi kinnari 0x46770062 [txt, 5 KB] BC6B F84C B3DC 9585 179B
09F1 0D52 6A1D 4677 0062
Harri koivunen 0x03C50ACC [txt, 5 KB] 53D5 6BE0 431C EE5A 7F65
01DF B500 15EE 03C5 0ACC
Lotta Kulta 0xBBABF935 [txt, 5 KB] F8B5 1EC8 E366 A624 6995
OSSI KUOSMANEN 0xDE17A7A8 [txt, 5 KB] D649 06CF 588C 092E 9DCC
5945 6237 5E2F DE17 A7A8
Antti Kurittu 0xA0E392A8 [txt, 5 KB] 403C B1C4 2718 BF8D 291E
14DC 1FB2 99F7 A0E3 92A8
JUKKA KÄYHKÖ 0x49FB2EF4 [txt, 5 KB] 9736 5492 1DD5 0A5E 10CD
B7B9 E1BF C466 49FB 2EF4
JARMO LAHTIRANTA 0xB09C372B [txt, 5 KB] C002 5D25 4724 FE92 501F
0D78 A6EA 4D73 B09C 372B
Arttu Lehmuskallio 0xEA6CCA99 [txt, 5 KB] 4269 3F21 3478 440B BA31
5DF8 E936 2BD1 EA6C CA99
markus lintula 0x39FD1B26 [txt, 5 KB85C3 11A6 7A60 6203 105A
A2E6 A5EB B84D 39FD 1B26
sauli pahlman 0x07567442 [txt, 5 KB] D01A 877A C3E9 DB48 637B
7237 57EB CD71 0756 7442
Miikka Salonen 0xF7935637 [txt, 5 KB] E66C 547B 3A86 4F67 B860
423B 354C A074 F793 5637
kristian selén 0xF9A14651 [txt, 5 KB] 90BC C7DC 337C 833C D574
CFAA D1AC 4679 F9A1 4651
ilkka SOVANTO 0xD84CBCA3 [txt, 8 KB]842E 6583 F85F 0DED 9307
B95C 9733 C779 D84C BCA3
aleksi tarhonen 0x656D41E9 [txt, 5 KB] B391 066C 1E4C 679D 9480
8081 8B77 0293 656D 41E9
Pekka Tetri 0xC08ED95A [txt, 5 KB] C9C4 5CD2 6A73 B9D5 4B6A
536D CB21 A034 C08E D95A
Juha Tretjakov 0x52E94FA6 [txt, 5 KB] D3E3 5773 0F6C 81A1 E06C
4451 4688 52C0 52E9 4FA6
RIIKKA VALTONEN 0x61BEF062 [txt, 5 KB] 4AB4 B004 559A CE0B F47B
DB68 AB37 443E 61BE F062
Teemu Väisänen 0xC50371AE [txt, 5 KB] 3F46 17AF 17FD 9913 B59E
7B0C 4626 5D0E C503 71AE

Key words: Information security , CERT , Encryption

Updated 24.10.2018

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