Obsolete PGP keys

These keys have been superseded and are no longer in use. They will not be used for signing reports and advisories or communication.

CERT-FI AUTOREPORTER (2013-2018) cert-fi-autoreporter@ficora.fi 0xB92EB189 9241 29F8 FE2B DAAD 2A32 A1B1 9F67 B270 B92E B189 23.5.2018
NCSC-FI INCIDENT RESPONSE (2017) cert@ficora.fi 0xB89D5BF2 2A3C A4CA 376A 2382 70F0 B8A6 8484 E2F3 B89D 5BF2 17.1.2018
NCSC-FI ADVISORY SIGNING KEY (2017) cert-fi-alert@ficora.fi 0x49B5713E C3D5 F321 740F 45D5 77F3 A99A A60D 94EC 49B5 713E 17.1.2018
NCSC-FI NEWSFEED SIGNING KEY (2017) ncsc-fi-newsbot@ficora.fi 0x2221F867 76C2 ED25 DC3F 8D59 CFDD 2CA4 C754 28CE 2221 F867 17.1.2018
NCSC-FI INCIDENT RESPONSE (2016) cert@ficora.fi 0x6BABE0A8 B0D8 D94E 487D 07CA 07B3 C3C5 C601 8307 6BAB E0A8 9.1.2017
NCSC-FI ADVISORY SIGNING KEY (2016) cert-fi-alert@ficora.fi 0x9491910A 6BB9 4E95 7DE9 86AA B3CA FAD4 4E02 59FA 9491 910A 9.1.2017
CERT-FI VULNERABILITY CO-ORDINATION (2013-2018) vulncoord@ficora.fi 0xDE16EA0C 0E97 68E4 DE7D 6B62 BAAB EAB5 0447 EFD2 DE16 EA0C 9.1.2017
NCSC-FI INCIDENT RESPONSE (2015) cert@ficora.fi 0x36CDC354 8BEE 970C A408 9FFA 9E8A 2E2E E824 0814 36CD C354 15.1.2016
NCSC-FI ADVISORY SIGNING KEY (2015) cert-fi-alert@ficora.fi 0x4DA1D3E7 C33F 6955 1FE0 00AA 50D9 9919 6C36 AE79 4DA1 D3E7 15.1.2016
NCSC-FI INCIDENT RESPONSE (2014) cert@ficora.fi 0xAC0729E6 2883 1C44 C472 1152
3A92 5099 E869 FD8A
AC07 29E6
CERT-FI ADVISORY SIGNING KEY (2013) cert-fi-alert@ficora.fi 0xB1FFC37C 1443 564C DC9C 89C6
E4D0 599E 9F05 C846
CERT-FI INCIDENT RESPONSE (2013) cert@ficora.fi 0xEBB41D94 933F C1ED AA90 090B D25C C7EE 0089 4AA5 EBB4 1D94 12.2.2014
CERT-FI INCIDENT RESPONSE (2012-2017) cert@ficora.fi 0x05C38BBA 8201 13CD 1C8C 3230 7505 37B4 D2C7 5AB9 05C3 8BBA 12.6.2013
CERT-FI VULNERABILITY CO-ORDINATION vulncoord@ficora.fi 0x0F1809E6 89C6 64D2 B14F 2003 6238 C1AF FA80 5283 0F18 09E6 12.6.2013
CERT-FI ADVISORY SIGNING KEY (2012-2017) cert-fi-alert@ficora.fi 0x236A90E6 4EA5 B183 9476 AD9A E5F0 C665 F03A 7016 236A 90E6 12.6.2013
CERT-FI KEY SIGNING KEY - 0xB43778AB D393 20C2 8827 9C59 94FC 9C24 4A98 9249 B437 78AB 12.6.2013
CERT-FI AUTOREPORTER cert-fi-autoreporter@ficora.fi 0xF429104E 05FA 5287 8D45 211F 43C1 5AD2 4267 D29C F429 104E 12.6.2013
CERT-FI AUTOREPORTER cert-fi-autoreporter@ficora.fi 0x01E2002B 670D 8E1B 2461 FE28 7BAC 4692 0B47 1B4B 01E2 002B 1.4.2013
CERT-FI ADVISORY SIGNING KEY cert-fi-alert@ficora.fi 0x3AE06F55 2C98 2BDE D445 00A2 8115 429D E223 EB18 3AE0 6F55 23.3.2012
CERT-FI INCIDENT RESPONSE cert@ficora.fi 0xB4F1C5A2 B09F BB22 007F 53B1 442E A3F3 168D 4642 B4F1 C5A2 23.3.2012
CERT-FI ADVISORY SIGNING KEY cert-fi-alert@ficora.fi 0xA793CADE B111 11F8 3742 19A3 9442 2C50 B633 C2DD A793 CADE 28.1.2011
CERT-FI INCIDENT RESPONSE cert@ficora.fi 0xE4428340 661 C130 DC9E 3723 C5D8 4682 EE33 7E19 E442 8340 28.1.2011
CERT-FI VULNERABILITY CO-ORDINATION vulncoord@ficora.fi 0x613EC8AF 3746 C101 5A67 4A30 DF81 9C38 FFAE 1A0B 613E C8AF 28.1.2011
FICORA / CERT-FI cert@ficora.fi 0x3CDA0200 03B1 F7F0 6892 F27F 15D1 A98F D351 7DA8 3CDA 0200 6.7.2007
CERT-FI VULNERABILITY COORDINATION vulncoord@ficora.fi 0x9058A45C 0B1C 8A2C 4F75 2653 A6AC 9784 950E 8BA8 9058 A45C 6.7.2007

Key words: Information security , CERT , Encryption

Updated 18.07.2018

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