FICORA's CERT-FI duties have been merged into the National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI).

The duties of CERT-FI include:

  • solving information security violations and threats against network, communications and value-added services;
  • gathering information on such incidents;
  • disseminating information on information security matters.

The objective of CERT-FI's activities is to:

  • ensure that public communications networks and communications services function safely and properly;
  • safeguard functions that are vital to society.

Contact information

Open HOurs Weekdays, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Finnish time
Ficora's customer service's telephone 0295 390 230, from abroad: +358 295 390 230 (lnf/mcf)
contact us primarily Ficora's contact form
E-Mail cert (at) ficora (dot) fi
Street address Itämerenkatu 3 A, 00180 HELSINKI

All information is handled confidentially.

PGP keys

All CERT-FI PGP keys are signed with the CERT-FI key signing key (CERT-FI Key Signing Key [txt, 2 KB]). The main key and the advisory signing key is valid for one year, the other keys for 5 years.

Current team PGP keys

Key E-mail Key id fingerprint purpose
NCSC-FI Incident Response (2018) [txt, 13 KB] cert@ficora.fi 0xE7B60DD9 09AB E8E2 765D 1D72 86A6 E150 B75A 126F E7B6 0DD9 Main key
NCSC-FI Vulnerability coordination [txt, 5 KB] vulncoord@ficora.fi 0x0C9462BC D1B2 0339 5529 9CF2 9C7E FDCE 0055 7E48 0C94 62BC Coordination of vulnerability projects
NCSC-FI Advisory Signing Key (2018) [txt, 3 KB] cert-fi-alert@ficora.fi 0xA56E8AC3FE8C FC96 4FD6 B6AC 6080 43B1 C20C E233 A56E 8AC3 Alert and report signing
NCSC-FI NEWSFEED SIGNING KEY (2018) [txt, 3 KB] ncsc-fi-newsbot@ficora.fi 0x846992DB DAD3 827D DFBF 71D1 8C7F C706 C3B7 98AC 8469 92DB Signing of daily news and vulnerability feeds
CERT-FI Key Signing Key [txt, 2 KB] - 0xFF324434 8A30 6AB1 D87F 9C2C B480 7366 B1FC D8F8 FF32 4434 CERT-FI key signing
CERT-FI Autoreporter [txt, 5 KB] cert-fi-autoreporter@ficora.fi 0xB92EB189 9241 29F8 FE2B DAAD 2A32 A1B1 9F67 B270 B92E B189 Signing of Autoreporter-reports

Personal PGP keys

Obsolete PGP keys

These keys have been superseded and are no longer in use. They will not be used for signing reports and advisories or communication.

Key words: Information security , CERT , Cyber security

Updated 16.01.2018

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The Finnish Communications Regulatory Authority (FICORA)

The National Cyber Security Centre Finland (NCSC-FI)

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