Summer holiday scam campaign - watch out for fake invoices!

FICORA alerts businesses and organisations to an active scam campaign taking advantage of the summer holidays. Fraudsters send fake invoices to businesses and organisations and request urgent payment. It is important to check carefully that invoices and payment requests are genuine.

Target group of the alert

Staff of businesses and organisations, especially finance teams

Possible solutions and restrictive measures

Check carefully that the source of the invoices and payment requests is genuine, especially in urgent invoices.

Tips for staff to protect against invoice scams:

  1. Do not blindly rely on the details of the email sender as they are relatively easy to spoof.

  • Even if the email appears to be from a trusted source, the sender may be a fraudster.
  • If you have any suspicions, use established telephone contacts to check the authenticity of the email. This is recommended especially with regard to unusual invoices or other unexpected situations.

  1. Check the identity of any callers.

  • You can call them back through the company's switchboard, for example.
  • Check any contact details in emails from other sources.
  • Fraudsters may even mention names of your colleagues to be more credible.

  1. Do not reveal your user ID or password over the phone to anyone.
  2. Do not reveal any information on your company or the technology used in the company to anyone you do not know.

Tips for supervisors:

  1. Set holiday policies: what kind of invoices may be processed alone and how to review invoicing details.
  2. Ensure all staff know how to identify different kind of scams.
  3. Report scam attempts to the organisation and to the NCSC-FI. If necessary, you can also report the scam to the police.

Further information

Information security now! 22 June 2016: Active scam campaign takes advantage of the summer holiday season (in Finnish)

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